Anthony James

Royal Priest
Poetry By Anthony James


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Royal Priest
Poetry By Anthony James

I want to stand upon an Altar
And speak and speak
And throw words as oil
Upon a Canvas 

And I will call this Canvas,

And the oil of my Love will
Will flow like a stream of pure water
And my brush is my tongue
And it speaks of Love

And I have been, before
Through the Narrow Door
A Child, drawn
By Him. The Lord

To tell .. the Holy Ones
In Heaven with the Lord
About my Love

Of This One
Whom I Love
And I speak
They are in a Trance, every one!

For this Love in my heart
That has pounded blood throughout
As much a decade or so...

It flows, it flows
And they marvel at my Soul
The blinding Robe
The Red Sea's fold
And the Lambs Heart of Gold

And my journey's path
Who would ever know?
The likes of my Soul?
Of such love, would die
And many crushing blows
And broken bones are warmed
beneath a bright yellow sun
Of this one.

And They stand.
An Ovation
And my tongue has spoke in a final drop of His blood.
And they roar and roar

Forever more!

And like a whoosh..
I am in my bed again..

And I smile
Filled with the Holy Spirit..
God's child.

In the world.

Oh Lord naught to let free of mine hand
In Thy World, shall I die and be free of mine man.
And rise up, to be caught up..
And forever more, Ye shall wipe me of my sorrows
And let not a memory return.

Let go, let go
Never let go, of me O' Jesus.