Sammy, Curtis and Baby “Clifford” Chronicles
By Barbara Snow


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Sammy, Curtis and Baby “Clifford” Chronicles
By Barbara Snow

(thank you SPCA)

There’s a new goat lies on the stable barn floor
Where the old goat used to lie
The new goat runs, and the new goat plays
And the remaining goat ponders why

The old goat left the other old goat
And we know not whether a goodbye
Their friendship lasted a mighty long time
Their parting made us cry

The remaining old goat shuffled slowly to fence
His grief he wanted to share
His head down in loss for the other old goat
He hoped that we would all care

We too needed to mourn and waited the tree
To celebrate the old goat’s time on earth
For ceremony to the old goat’s life, you see
He mattered with value and worth

But the old goat left was as sad as can be
He knew not what we would say
“Will I be alone the remainder of days?
Or will they call the SPCA?”

He heard from goats that come for awhile
Of a special kingdom where good goats go
There are many he heard, their names are known
No worries, they play and they grow

The queen of the kingdom said “Yes, we can spare
A baby prince for your old goat, it seems”
Now the old goat passes on memories he has
For the new goats hopes and dreams

The old goat runs with the new goat now
With a spark of joy in his heart
And the new goat learns what goats need to know
From the teacher only death will part 

But then in the night comes the sound of hooves
From the old goat who used to lie there 
He watches their sleep – and sees ginger snap crumbs
He knows they have no worry, no care

He sees the blanket he too used for his rug
Where this old goat used to lie
“You are happy my friend” says the old goat who left
Finally at peace - no longer asking why……

For Brandy, whose arms carried Sammy over the Rainbow Bridge