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By John Cannon

Those who work with the earth,
farmers, gardeners, landscapers,

know about seedbanks ―

the earth, the soil they work with
is not empty ground, lifeless dirt,

but a place of teeming life
and a storehouse of potential life.

Those who work with water
know a similar potential resides there,
in seas and rivers,
ponds and puddles.

And, as I am learning (with some anguish),
humanity as a whole
is also a seedbank ―

seeds derived from the earliest DNA
of homo sapiens

passed down through
all the generations.

We all,
yes every single one of us,
contain seeds ― the potential ―

for every type
of human thought
and urge and deed.

We all harbor within us
the potential for extreme good
and for extreme evil.

Human history is replete
with leaders who have nurtured
both the good seeds
and the evil seeds of others,

and, as individuals,
we each make daily choices,
moment-by-moment choices,

about which seeds
we will nurture ―

within ourselves
and in everyone
we touch.

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