Seven Deadly Sins...In Permutation and Combination
Poetry By Anthony James


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Seven Deadly Sins...In Permutation and Combination
Poetry By Anthony James

Come Home To You Lord- A Sinful Journey-

-The Seven Deadly Sins-
Sloth, surely my tendency,
My Lord, surely you have taken me through the woods-
Shown me the way around this- I have come to See-

So I went to school and went to work-
For the sake of the salvation of me-
I did what was 'right' for the sake of Thee-

But at work, there were evil ones-
They sought to find faults in me-
Do they not have faults of their own? Of course they do!
This Angered me-

So now my Sloth has faded but Anger (Wrath) has sprung up in its place?

My anger brings me to sin- and now, just like them-they accept me-
I am promoted by my peers, my tongue has gloated of such greatness of my self-

So now my Anger has faded but Pride has sprung up in its place?

Now I am proud, with many things to show of-
I want more of this- I am so Greedy now- adorned by expensive car and Extravagant dress-

So now my Pride has opened a curtain to the sun and poured rain
Upon my Vanity and it is in bloom- and I am like a most wonderful flower
For all to look at and to smell the perfume-
Surely, this elicits a most pure Envy in them all-

I am hunted by the women whose own Vanity makes them Proud-
And whose own Greed brings them around-
They blink their eyes at me, and show their thighs to me-
In short skirts and such
I am tempted by them all, and fall to the sin of Lust-
Soon I am addicted to several sins combined-
Like a Glutton- There is never enough- to fill this appetite of mine-

I grow depressed, I have it all but it feels like less-
Than the Slothful nothingness- I once possessed-

I was called the lazy one, back then-
Now I am envied by all of them-
I didn't want this life at all-

And yet I couldn't be listless as well-
It too is a deadly sin that would have led me to hell?

Father, I have lived and sinned-
I have repented and ask for your forgiveness-
Through this all our love for each other is unchanged-
I knew everything I did was right and wrong!

And I want to come Home-

September 23, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved