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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written April 2, 2010

In darkness the world did lie.
Her son was dead and she did cry.
Upon the cross with death he did meet.
As his mother cried; beneath his feet.
She cried neither for regret nor joy.
She cried for he was her loving boy.
She cried knowing it had to be.
Her son upon the cross was hard to see.

She cried as they placed him in the grave.
She cried knowing our souls he came to save.
She cried with a faith strong that day.
She cried knowing in the grave he would not stay.

For her was the son of God it is true.
The one who came to die for me and you!
And his day upon the cross was not the end.
It was the beginning as God his son he did send.

Sent with love; the same as the mother to her son.
Sent with love so as eternal life could be won.
Sent by God to teach us; how to pray.
Sent with love and the knowledge of Easter Day!

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