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In the quiet of a fresh Spring morning, sounds of the world are still.
We may walk within silent. peaceful spaces - moving towards the hill,
with only the sane sounds of birds, and lambs' bleating, insistent tones,
inviting us, enticing us, to "come and see the world you've made -
from OUR point of view!"
The sky, the scenes of countryside are joyous, open, free -
"or would be, Man, if you'd not re-created them for Thee!"
Yet, quietly soaking-up Nature, one could easily drift into a stupor
of lazily living in peace!
not what we all came to earth for!  It certainly would not release
the trials, the tough overcomings - rejections, knock-backs and the like
intended to build up our stamina, as well as a suitable share
of insight!
So, reluctantly we will return, to 'furrows' that need to be 'ploughed'
via hard, overcrowded city streets -
'tho' the spirit will long for the wide-open spaces;
the feet would fain flee to the countryside,
grass that's been washed by the dew of the morning,
leading one on to the hills, where the soul in its essence is always replenished,
and the mind and the heart are in-filled with the sweet grace of Nature,
renewing the whispers of hope for a world that's forgetting
to turn to its Source,
although yearning for cruelty and war to be finished!
The Laws of the Universe function, with or WITHOUT us, we know;
but when we take action to seek their directions,
there'll be no more friction.
That's when contentment will flow;  that's when we'll KNOW
where to go!

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