Sinner's "Love"
Poetry By Anthony James


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Sinner's "Love"
Poetry By Anthony James

I'm all grown up now
heard about love
think it's time to go get some..

there, she's a pretty girl
I know what they like
a svelte flesh-
let me run till I'm smooth on the gut
sinewy and slim, veiny and smug

there, she looks a lot like the girl in the mags
standing in their skivvies-
moving 'round in my head
walking toward me

a fantasy I'm slowly moving toward reality-
and I'm playing the lag-
there's no other way

i want her too much
so i have nothing to say-
i'll wait her out forever...
and she'll realize I'm for real

is this evil?
of course it is-
it's lust and fornication
it's a sinners game
don't patronize me-

hold on, someone's at the door
oh my gosh?
"you forgot this at work today"

'sure I did, and you just wanted to bring it over to my apartment'
"oh okay, thanks"
"can I come in"
"of course"
"why haven't you ever made a move on me"
{because I wanted you}
'Oh I didn't know you would want me to'

/and I consumed that part of her soul/
that she gave to me
and it's still there

a part of her 'trust' stolen, forever-
and she cried....
and I cried too for her but did not let her see

for the game must go on.

Author notes

The answer to all these things is Jesus. The world will kill us all.. we all kill each other with our sinful ways- a little piece at a time...

And Jesus, Saves us in the end, from each other. And why do we do things like this? Because we are no good. We only do things to win things. Even if that is the pain of another.

I do like this song... hope you see the evil in it.