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By John Cannon

Winter blasted in on us today
with fierce winds
and wild clouds
racing through our valley,

What a captivating entrance
and dramatic light show
as flashes of bright sun
were quashed by banks of scudding clouds,

And patches of pure blue sky
winked in and out
between mounds
of threatening charcoal thunderheads;

The river was rising fast
with a recent snow melt
and the rapids were raging
with reckless noise and power,

The only flyers
were the hardy crows and hawks,
handling the gale
like expert pilots in a daredevil show,

Soaring high so fast
then sliding sideways
with amazing speed,

Then circling back
to stop dead still
against the buoying updraft;

There was a throbbing pulse in the air
and a clear signal
that winter is no sullen dirge

But a rollicking riverdance,
high-kicking with excitement
and prancing its way in
with a raw vitality all its own.

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