Something About This Friend of Mine- Jesus Christ
Poetry By Anthony James


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Something About This Friend of Mine- Jesus Christ
Poetry By Anthony James

You and me we are unique-
our souls calculations didn't meet-
until today- now you're reading my words-
so that's all changed!

Who is this Friend of mine I speak about?
The Man of Faith- The Man of doubt?

Why have I chosen Him as my Friend?
And why haven't you?
And can I intercede for you? If you wanted me to?
I don't know, but I would try-
I am trying, right now.

Jesus, tell them why we are friends?
from the beginning of the beginning and to the end of the end
please lift them up the same with me-
remember how, my Lord, I left everything for you?
remember how I waited for you for so many years?
remember how I didn't mind or care?
remember how I waited and died for you?

that night I died, I never told anyone-
because you returned me to my bed-
words unsaid- so many lights above our bed
my wife was an atheist and so she left-
and the door closed behind her and I wept-
for her- and I never knew where she slept again?

but it was all okay- my addiction you took away
my worries you quieted with grace-
my weeping showed you I repented-
didn't I throw all the pills away?
didn't I do so many things that day?
didn't I know what to do?
isn't it all done?

and now for them.. I want to give them You.
So the heavens can await more than the 'few'-
I want to unblind their fold- so they listen when told-
the Truth they will know- no more confusion to slow-
the Truth will be seen, the Truth will be heard

And Jesus Christ, my Friend will renew every single Soul.
Who falls at His feet- He doesn't want your anger- nor your pride-
He wants your Soul to be right- and righteousness always cries!
And now you know- so go ahead and try- but take it slow-
everything in His time- and I already know- He won't let you go.


November 15, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved