Song of the Sun
By Sam Gold


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Song of the Sun
By Sam Gold

No man has looked upon my face and seen
Long, for shadows soon surround his eyes
Enshrouding wing, clear pools of bright surmise,
Tympanie. I who seen blind, shine unseen,

Hide in blackness where I hear men weep,
Cows lowing in the cold, about to die.
I prophesy through all, will brook no lie,
Have hindered angels that their rapiers keep,

Emblazed a temple that the sky be known,
Cankered innocence that mercy rule,
Deceived the knower, undeceived the fool,
Woke a deluge that a man not drown,

Depraved the darkness that the light be found,
Poured down slumber that a dream awake,
Forsook a shepherd that he not forsake
His sheep, bound creatures that they be unbound,

Shackled singers that their songs be bold,
Hallowed sinners who despised my call,
Exalted folly that its trumpet fall,
Scorched a nation as of silver and gold,

Loosed my lightning to perplex the sword,
Unhinged a universe to save a word,
Muted myriads that their cries be heard.
O hasten not unto my golden cord!

© 2004 by Sam Gold