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Lately, the birds sound plaintive.
(Imagination, you say?)
Flying and looking, hovering, squawking;
is it something to do with us, and the way
they sense that the world is heading  -
the way that things could be leading
to a big, unholy FUSS?
A big old confrontation
that we STILL have time to avoid. . .
. . .If I were a bird
and I saw and heard
the things that go on today,
I'D be looking askance
at the wasted chances  -
and be more than a little annoyed.
But birds don't behave that way!
Still,  I'd desperately want to have my say;
to speak of the freedom that being a bird is;
the joy that birds can show;
and then, above all, through my musical call,
I'd want everyone to know
that HUMAN life should be as joyful  -
you have only to see that the Air's full
of gentle, harmonious Laws  -
which you've only to follow,
to know that tomorrow,
the habits of praise and goodwill would accomplish
a life as joyful as OURS!

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