Spiritual Debate
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)

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Spiritual Debate
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)

Some say that earth has evolved, yet God has created it too.

The rhetorical question seems to be just how could both be true.

I claim not to be an "ist" of science nor of theology;

I'm only a struggling person in pursuit of the truth you see.

I believe I've found the answer in pursuit of my hereafter;

It comes directly from the bible and is simple as a child's laughter.

"A day is but a thousand years and a thousand years is but a day

With God there is no time in heaven."

Seven days it took him yet thousands of years they say.

Now who's to say the father didn't create the world this way?

Can time really be measured by a minute, an hour, or day;

When each and every little speck of time

In various other places, is different from yours and mine?

GOD, Like a many faceted Diamond, whatever the face or the name,

in almost every other nation and culture

the core teachings are mostly the same.

If earth were created from a bang, it is very apparent to me,

That someone had to create it and that's where "GOD" fits in you see.

If we evolved from animals which were really first created,

why is the church and science, so heavily

opposed and debated?

If so many nations and cultures believe in life beyond the grave,

How can one "GOD" choose such a

selected few whose lives are worthy to save?