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Spring Anew (2 May 2003)
By Carol Vito

Flowers, Flowers ....

in bloom Everywhere!!

Even on bushes, even on trees! Isn't Mother Nature wonderful this time of year?

Isn't GOD Great to share them with us all?

Wildflowers, how sweet they are along Life's paths...

little white flowers dotting the ground like stars in the daytime...

Beautiful... gentle, smiling, joyous, alive with Beauty,

expressions of all things Good... messengers of hope, glorious soldiers of winter-past,

fighters who have won the battle of survival over the harsh cold, the threats of icy extinction.

I peruse my garden, enrapture the Peace,

stare through the rainbow spectrum,

enjoy the artistic touch of GOD's handiwork,

delight in the quiet trance of goldfish swimming, gracefully exploring, accepting Life,

sharing frog space, Happily ~

Peacefully, Calmly ... not giving a care about where they are or where they are going...

Just enjoying... enjoying Being,

Perfect examples, teachers of Life's blessings, students of GOD's direction...

How much I have to learn from their Trust,

their getting-along-ness with each other...

Fish and frogs, drifting, relaxing...

Fountains of water, dancing in the wind,

Butterflies fluttering, in zig-zag motion,

Birds chorusing, in tune with each other and the world...

Flowers of such magnitude of

Beauty and Magic...but yet such humbleness...

Thank you GOD, for letting me see

Such Beauty that You have created...

That I am so blessed to be a part of and witness to.

Every day is a new start... a fresh outlook,

A New Spring.... Thank you.

(To enlarge the photo of Five fish and four frog friends in my garden pond, click on the photo or link)

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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