Stay with me, Lord
Poetry By Anthony James


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Stay with me, Lord
Poetry By Anthony James

Spirit of God
I'd say-
Please stay...

Then I'd feel alone
An empty home
Afraid again,
Of unworthiness

But I wanted to go Home
Long before I knew the way
And the Fire was yet to come
Upon my Faith...

Walking in the world, alone-
Away, away , away from Home.
Below, below, below things Higher
Oh Spirit Pure and Holy
Why doth Thou babe be set to Fire?

In consternation,
Of Tribulation
I breathe in sighs

Such things that kill
My worldly desires

Refine me Oh Lord
I Thank Thee Oh God
Your Mercy-
Oh Jesus,

Oh, Lord do test me, then I agree
For I shall come through the Fire
You shall see?

And the Fire came upon me-
What did I do?
Burning away all fatty pride
Down to my Truth-

And in that Fire, Lord I did See
That I am dead, Lord Jesus
Without Thee-
Oh, now I See
My God "me"
As Thou See me
In Truth I weep
Awake from sleep

I need a Savior

"Jesus, Please Save me"

Now, Thou Spirit
Indwells of me,
Forever and ever-