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Summer Rains
By John Cannon

I love the raucous summer storms
lambasting through our valley,
whipping the treetops every whichway,
slicing sideways
with knife-edged sheets of stinging rain;

Crackling lightning jolting my nerves,
and barrel-voiced thunder
tumbling down our hillsides.

This is a purification rite,
a thorough natural cleansing,
trimming trees and washing
every square inch of our world.

3/4 3/4

But oh how I long
for the quiet, tender rain,
the softest, slow-falling drops
that barely move the flower petals
as they glide down
and settle on every surface;

An all-day deep-down soaking rain
that works its way
into every corner and crevice,
bringing nature’s sweet elixir
to every living thing;

This is a cozy, comforting rain
that calms the nerves
and gentles the soul.

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