Tears from Ashes
By Carrie Prattley

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Tears from Ashes
By Carrie Prattley
Submitted by the author 15 Nov 2001
Dedicated to the many children who have lost their parents and family at Ground Zero, New York and The Pentagon, Washington, U.S.A.

I watched a little New York girl,
standing in the square.
She was staring at a Christmas tree,
unaware that I was there

The tree was huge, up in the clouds,
where once a building stood.
And underneath that fine fir tree,
were coloured toys of wood.

Red, white and blue and silver too,
the coloured lights adorned.
A golden cross upon the top,
to represent the mourned.

She laid some roses in the tree,
gifts given by a child.
In memory of her mummy,
in a place that was defiled.

She bent and placed a photograph,
beside the wooden toys.
Stepped back and took one last look,
and left without a noise.

I approached the tree and had a look,
at the picture, and it read,.
“To my Mummy, I’ll always love you”.
words written for the dead.

I knelt and prayed for all the ones
that never would be found
And my silent tears just fell on ash,
that lay upon the ground.

I thanked the Lord that someone cared,
and made a child’s shrine.
A headstone fashioned for their loss,
from richly ribboned pine.

I started home, could not forget,
the look on that child’s face.
Memory of her, would forever stay,
in my heart, a sacred place.

So, I will count my blessings,
as Christmas, time draws near.
As I gather my family around me,
I’ll remember that child, so dear.

© Carrie Prattley 2001-11-12