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Poetry by Lance Landall
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That Word Sexy
Poetry by Lance Landall

Do I call my wife sexy? No, for my wife is not an object,
Her body is not my focus ó plus, Iíve her honour to protect.
No, I would never call her sexy, for some hussy she is not,
But a woman that I respect, one that I crudely won't call hot.

Sexy is simply the sad product of that steamy, seamy world
Where principles and morals are discarded, rather than upheld.
Yes, sexy just belongs to porn stars, or those pin-ups that we see,
Whose erotic bawdiness sees many men acting shamefully.

Calling a woman sexy, or hot, as so many these days do,
Degrades her natural beauty, and paints her pornographic blue,
For sexy is not a wholesome word, and better words has replaced,
Such as pretty and attractive, that with lustiness are not laced.

When women dress up sexy, they simply display a lack of pride,
For they publicly convey that they have cast virtue to one side.
Thus, femininity and beauty are sullied by the sexy,
For sexy is purely allied with a salacious fantasy.

One canít respect loose women, nor those women dressing much the same,
For both display behaviour that has more to do with lust and shame.
When fathers encourage their daughters to dress and behave sexy
It isn't long before those girls have squandered their virginity.

No, my wifeís intimate body isnít for other men to see,
And hence why I wonít encourage her to flaunt it sexually;
Unless itís in our bedroom, of course, where only my eyes can see
The beauty of a body that has been kept solely just for me.

Sexual intimacy with a spouse who's yours all throughout life,
Is a beautiful experience for the husband and the wife.
But sexy simply belongs to those very hollow one night stands,
That never truly satisfy a womanís longing, nor a manís.

Thus, when we take sex from sex-y, we are left with that letter Y ó
Y not? Y worry? Y wait? Y not now? Y not give it a try?
And, Y not stay here the night? Y not share with the others here too?
Y not just experiment? And then, Y should I now marry you?

Whenever men parade their partner in ways that are called sexy,
They soon have other men eyeing her, and desiring what they see.
And such could well put their wife at risk of a sexual attack
Occurring in their absence, or at least, once they have turned their back.

There are many men out there who are frustrated sexually,
And who via such stimulation, might well act unpredictably.
Thus, men shouldn't wrongly strut their wife ó besides, such just cruelly taunts,
Effectively adding to the crime rate that society haunts.

Those women who dress sexy can cause someone elseís man to stray,
And one day, their man also, could be led anotherís sexy way.
Thus, itís not wise for women to tease like this, and nor is it fair,
Therefore, when it comes to clothing, women shouldnít too much flesh bare.

Do I call my wife sexy? No, I don't, and I do not need to,
For my wife knows that I love her, and that my love for her is true.
No, her body's not my focus, hence why it pleases me to say,
That given that it's not my focus, there's no pressure either way.

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