Anthony James

Thawing Memory
Poetry By Anthony James


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Thawing Memory
Poetry By Anthony James

Hope, is it so?
That to earth, I must go?
Even so,
I believe mine innocence was stole?

Hope, you look at me
So deeply,
And I know, now
That indeed I must go.

This place,
We had all heard,
Though, never the thought

I am distraught-
Hope, sees me
I am lost, dear Hope
I am disintegrating
Look at my Light

Hope, you look at me
So deeply,
And I know,
This Decision begins to show
----------------------------------- ----------
The World
----------------------------------- ----------

A spiral, is all?
Another said,
But what of the Word, said was bled
In the World?

That some make it back?
Through that.
But most sink away,
Lest Faith come their way-

Faith stands nigh
Looking deeply into my eye
Faith, must indeed of me
To earth, receive?

Faith says not a word
I must go.

Another said,
It is said of this
That of The Highest there be
Shalt bore even the King
As the one's of the Tree
Among all of ye'

I am distraught
I am one of them, now
and Love draws nigh, to me

Love, is it so?
Truly, I must go...
Love says nothing, not a word
Looking steadily into my eyes

It is so.
My Light is out

I am dying out..
I am crying out...
And I die.
My Spirit is dead.
It had been said
The World can change the dead
That there is 1 who comes down
Into the world....

I remember how afraid I were
There would be no survival for me-
And I was selected, from thence
In dead Spirit and Heart
Prior, depart


Faith, Hope, Love
The God did call
This one is mine, bring him Home.
He shall be born for the last Time-

And he shall be with the first...
His name is ___________
And his bones will be broken
And he shall bare much strife all his life

Even so, he is a king
Even if so, Lucifer whisper in his ear
"lazy king"

He has died that of a saint
And is Forgiven-

Seal up now
The soil is ready.
And My Son
Has been Slain,
Already for him.

And a breath turned the planets.