Anthony James

The Fall
Poetry By Anthony James


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The Fall
Poetry By Anthony James

Lord, my heart
A stone...
Far from Thee
It beats

And it beats me,
How hardened I am.

How far I am from Thee.

To Fall into Thee
To Fall In Love with Ye.
Oh what will it take?
For these crying eyes
To ever See?

Would there be enough time,
For me?

I turn back the chapters
And see a little boy
Holding his mommy's hand
At the mall.

My heart then was sweet
And my life
Was in my hand

Who can understand

All that Ye have done for me?

All the way to Death
And A New Breath

Dead and Born Again

I have been a million things
That all withered away...
Some real, but almost all
Were just in my mind..
A Play.

How could You deal with me?
A million things I be?
Did You love me?

When You found me,
I was in a million pieces

Who are You, Jesus?
That You would put every single piece

Healing me..
You cared about me.
Lifted me.

And Saved me.

And now I am love with Ye,