Andrew PellThe Angel Called Hope
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Angel Called Hope
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When all seems helpless hope appears.
Out of nowhere a light shines through.
A light that calms our earthly fears,
Light that will make all things new.

Hope may be in the animal that befriends us.
Hope may appear as a kind neighbor.
The animal will always come to us without fuss.
Hope may be in a stranger that may provide labor.

Hope will always follow the darkest night.
Hope will be found in a beautiful sunlit day.
We struggle and despair and we put up a fight.
Hope will intervene and have his say.

No situation is utter despair.
In circumstances there is always hope.
In darkness people do care.
They provide a way for us to cope.

Hope can be found in the tears of sorrow.
Hope is the inner voice calling you by name.
Hope is in the spark and the path we follow.
Hope is not found in riches or fame.

Hope is in the silent wind that blows.
It is found in the waves that dance with the shore.
Hope can be found in the sunset glow.
Hope is found in the saints who have gone before.

Hope can be seen in the twinkling stars at night
It can be seen in the light of the moon.
Cascading its golden light.
In your heart always make room.

Hope is always followed by the Angel called love.
Love will takeover when hope has finished the task at hand.
The eternal God sends hope and love to you from above.
Hope and Love will walk with you across the timeless sand.

Andrew Pell 10/06/12

The Angel Called Hope

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