The Bible
Poetry By Anthony James


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The Bible
Poetry By Anthony James

I have heard the Word-
I have come to See-
My Soul, does not belong to me-

My Death sentence awaits me-
For I have sinned, the deadly sins-
It has been shown, that I cannot stop-
I will admit this on the Day-

Jesus will be There-
I will look at Him and He at me-
I will say hello and goodbye to Him-
On this Day-

He will turn away-
Then I will say-
Wait, My Lord- I have something to tell-
My life will surely end today-
My Soul to perish in the fiery way-

Where is God, my Father?
I want to tell Him before I die,
That I Love Him With All My heart.

And that I want to live forever.
Will He end my life with this love in my heart?
I want to ask Him before all the angel's and saints-
If this love I thought I had for Him,
Was ever true?

This is what I want to do?
Where is He, My Lord?
He will surely say- No You Did Not- No You Do Not!
And then I will surely know I was confused-

And I will say, sorry Father.
And I will die,
My efforts have simply fallen short.

September 18, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved