Lance LandallThe Death Penalty
Poetry by Lance Landall
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The Death Penalty
Poetry by Lance Landall

Any who commit murder, life in prison should receive, But not the death penalty, for such is wrong, I believe. Either killingís right or wrong, and clearly it isnít right, Therefore, the death penalty, we all should dismiss outright.

Itís plain hypocritical, and behaviour thatís askew, If weíre condemning killing, yet, are involved in killing too. Weíre simply sanctioned killers, who also donít have the right To kill another person; and an innocent one, we might.

Two wrongs donít make a right; that simply, makes us more guilty, For where is our example, as we know better, donít we? Folk can hardly be pro-life, and the sanctity of life sell, If just like a murderer, they are taking life as well.

When we kill a murderer, theyíre hardly punished at all, For despite their loss of life, theyíre outside the prison wall. You see, itís behind those walls, that real punishment takes place, For behind them, just misery, twenty four seven, they face.

Imagine living alone, in a tiny death-row cell, Where every single day, is a mind-bending carousel. But leaving folk in a cell, to simply just vegetate, Isnít to our credit either, so, letís rehabilitate.

How we treat the offender, says a lot about us too, So, mind what youíre endorsing, be careful what you pursue. Despite what they may have done, we still should act humanely, Otherwise, weíre no better, weíre acting hypocritically.

But there is another thing, that we should consider too: What if to the gallows, friend, a judge wrongfully sends you? Yes, let the murderer live, lest an innocent man die, And we become a party to, what one could never justify.


P.S. Can Christians justify the death penalty via the Bible? No.

The ancient nation of Israel was a theocracy, That is, God ruled it directly, wisely and lovingly. Now, God no longer rules directly, like He did that old nation, Thus, weíre faced with a very different situation.

Godís not ruling nations now, like He did ancient Israel, Itís humans who are ruling, and whoíve left a tragic trail. To such, God doesnít give the right, to say who may live or die, For He knows very clearly, if He did, things would go awry.

And most certainly they have, for innocent men have died, An outrageous evil thing, one that canít be justified. Since we are Godís creation, only He can say who dies, And after ancient Israel, such killing, He didnít authorize.

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