The House of Love
by Jonathan Chapman


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The House of Love
by Jonathan Chapman
for my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary

On the narrow path to Heaven,
There’s a large house built of love.
It’s now stood more than 50 years
And is blessed by God above.

It started as a little house,
Not a mansion on a hill,
But through the trials and storms of life,
It stood and always will.

The walk’s well worn by weary feet
Seeking shelter from life’s storm,
As it welcomed each new visitor,
Another room was formed.

With each new passing wanderer,
That house became so grand,
The reputation of that lovely home
was known throughout the land.

The guests would ask the secret
Of the master builders’ way,
And how that grand house fed the souls
Of many during their stay.

The answer came in quiet tones
As the blueprint was explained
Of how the architect had made the plan
That this grand house attained

For when God planned in His wisdom
To pair this man and wife,
He chose for them a special house
To share their love and life.

Not built with bricks and mortar,
Their home was built on prayer;
Its walls are kindness, faith, and love
For all who gather there.

A shelter made of quiet strength
With beams of self-control,
Its windows of clear conscience
Shed pure light on every soul.

Each stair is made with fervent prayer
Uplifted every day,
To watch and keep those wanderers
Who travel on their way.

Each plank and shingle of that house
Was built with thought and deed,
Worked lovingly in place
By serving travelers in need.

To those who serve in faithfulness,
A promise has been given,
Our Father has prepared His house
For all of us in heaven.

Although we do not understand
The fullness of His plan
We know God’s home is so much more
than houses built by man.

And though we cannot comprehend
The place we will reside,
By visiting this house of love,
We’ve seen a glimpse inside.

Your presence here adds one more room
To that mansion built by love,
On the narrow path that leads to
Our Father’s home above.

“I have asked the Lord for one thing; one thing only do I want:
to live in the Lord's house all my life, to marvel there at His
goodness…” (Psalm 27:4)