The Inglorious Murder Machine
Poetry By Anthony James


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The Inglorious Murder Machine
Poetry By Anthony James

there, dormant inside-
an unyielding presence-
lay asleep-

it is a monster!

walk the days and nights
you'll hear- its growl-
pulling on you, always in the same direction-

who ever said that not everyone
hears voices in their head?
everyone has at least a voice?
but if that voice changes its mind-
well, that turns the singular, plural..
and oh don't they change, with time?

if nothing else, 'one' lacking integrity
becomes prone to fragmentation..
thus shattering into varied pieces-

who are you today?
I mean you're not a total stranger to the 'you' of yesterday-
but there could be some slight changes?
will you do something today, that you wouldn't yesterday?
hmmm... ever do that? Of course you have!

different day, different choices
in the hand of a new day's voices?
settle down, don't go to extremes
stay with me-
this is about an inglorious murder machine

it is among us, within us all-
it comes inside us.

his voice sounds just like yours
he has spells- that quell,
the norm of our intelligence
he dumbs us down- and brings us down-
to hell-

the murder machine? he is Satan- the enemy!
he believes in his power, and he battles with God
he shows God the nature of us all-
by the billions we fall- down to the pit
of the murderer's call.

by pride and lust and gluttony's greed-
we feed and feed-

praying to the Holy King
but choosing to roll along on the conveyor belt
toward the inglorious murder machine

of Satan's bloody, gaping mouth.

January 18, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved