Andrew PellThe Other Realm
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Other Realm
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

There is a magical realm where there is eternal peace.
On earth we wonder when all wars will cease.
In the other realm, the energy is directed to helping one another.
There is neither poverty nor hunger; no one does suffer.
On earth people seek vengeance and corporate greed.
They have no thought for the people who are in dire need.
In the other realm corporate greed does not exist.
They support and help one another; all evil they resist.
In the other realm the spirit of God dwells.
If you listen carefully you may hear the peeling of the sacred bells.
There is no need for money, because all is freely given.
Unlike on the earth realm competition is fiercely driven.
The beliefs of the other realm can happen on earth for those who care.
But it certainly will take a lot of determination and prayer.

Andrew Pell 07/03/06

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