Andrew PellThe Pastoral Sonnet
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Pastoral Sonnet
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Pastoral Sonnet

How often we crave for peace and solitude.
I ask the question is it just a matter of attitude?
Yet all of us feel peace near water or in a beautiful garden.
Where countless hours we can truly spend.
It is the peace that nourishes our soul,
We long for all our frantic activities to take on a lull.
We wish to escape from the pressures of every day living.
Sometimes the frantic activities can be very unforgiving.
Yet what can we learn if we stop to look at a flower in bloom?
We learn there is much more to life in which we will discover soon.
The flower permeates a sense of wonder and love.
We spend a moment to ponder its innermost secrets that must come from above.
Such exquisite beauty cannot come from an evolutionary epoch.
To behold its wonder will cause the dimensional door to be unlocked.
It is there we can enter the spirit world for eternity in a moment of time.
That brief visit will be truly sublime.
It is through that flower we can experience divine peace.
Within that brief microsecond of time all our stress and daily problems will cease.
We are no longer in the physical but transported to the spiritual world.
It is there in all its wonders and divine spirituality the truth suddenly become unfurled.
We return to the present where we are refreshed and calm.
We walk away with Godís inspirational balm.
Next time you feel agitated or depressed, go and study a flower.
Instantly you will feel Godís majestic and life sustaining power.
Cast away all sorrow and doubts you may be experiencing now.
The flowers will show you how.
Be at peace with all people and all life.
You will no longer create temples of strife.
Be at peace and walk with the divine.
Heaven and earth will then harmoniously align.

© Andrew Pell 24/05/08

The Pastoral Sonnet

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