The Plea
by Cindy Prince

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The Plea
by Cindy Prince

Mouths moving
tigers trying
wolves crying
unheard voices
the animals surround me
I go deeper to understand
to hear the demand
the urgent plea
"You've maimed and
destroyed our habitat."
And more than that,
as my dream fades into black
in unison I hear
"We want our Earth back!"
"We want our Earth back!
"We want our Earth back!"

Cindy wrote:


I came across you website and it looks great. I feel so connected to the animals and feel they have much to teach us.

I often dream of animals but the my most powerful one was a couple of years ago and in the dream I was surrounded by all types of animals.

There were bats, lemurs, tigers, bears, wolves... and they were all trying to tell me something. At first I couldn't understand what it was but then I did. This is what they said, "You have maimed and destroyed our habitat. We want your help now. We Want Our Earth Back!" I woke up and started crying. I would like to start a foundation to help them, although I am not sure how to go about it.

I write a lot of poetry and here is one of mine about the dream.

Thanks for the good you do!
Cindy Prince

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