Lance LandallThere’s One Who’ll Help You
Poetry by Lance Landall
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There’s One Who’ll Help You
Poetry by Lance Landall

Have you made a big mistake and are paying a high price? Could it be that you've acted contrary to sound advice? Have you committed a crime? Are you facing time in jail? Could it be that you knew better, yet let folly prevail?

Have your friends forsaken you, and left you feeling lonely? Are you struggling with your plight -- replaying, “Oh, if only”? Are there loved ones that you’ve hurt? Are you feeling all is lost? Or has a loved one left you, thinking you’re not worth the cost?

If such is so, I feel for you, and offer my sympathy, And because I’ve blundered too, you've also my empathy. But there’s Someone I know whose empathy even mine exceeds, Someone who knows far more so what it’s like when one’s heart bleeds.

Yes, all that turmoil in your mind, and that knotty stomach pain; “Will it ever ease?” you ask, “For it’s driving me insane.” I know it well, friend, but listen, there’s One who’ll help you through, One who’ll always be around, though I guess you’re thinking “Who?”

Well, let me introduce you to the greatest Friend I’ve had, For He has always helped me through the good times and the bad. If it weren’t for His great love, I would not have made it through, And I know He'll help you too, if the following you’ll do:

Quickly fall upon your knees, let Him hear your heartfelt cry, For this God who answers prayer, has the answer to your “Why?” Tell Him that you need His help, that upon Him you’ll rely, And on seeing your remorse, He’ll assuredly reply.

Christ will help you through it all, and on tough days He’s there more, So, when you find things harder, kneel again upon the floor. Yes, often you’ll be kneeling till those darker days decrease, However, when they do friend, I wouldn’t let your praying cease.

No, be mindful of the danger when you’re back on your feet Of feeling less dependant on this One you’re blest to meet, For every day you’ll need Him, lest the past you just repeat, For only Christ, Christ alone, one's inner demons can defeat.

Yes, I misguidedly tried to do without Him in my youth, And discovered that misguidedly proved to be the truth. But the biggest thing I’ve learnt is, that all Christ badly need, For any path without Him, eventually to loss will lead.

It’s worth it, friend, believe me, for though I sympathize and care, He’s the best to lean upon, He’s the best with whom to share. Christ will never let you down, all His promises He’ll keep, And when you learn to trust Him, so much better you will sleep.

But remember, I care too -- hence why such I eagerly share; And God desires this, that your load be easier to bear. We’re His human instruments, which He uses to reach out, And that He loves you dearly, I don’t have a single doubt.

So, please give God a try, dear friend, for no one cares like He, In fact, I’d surrender all to Him, while you’ve opportunity. For the latter will ensure that you'll spend eternity With this One who’ll see you through -- He, who hears each heartfelt plea.

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