The Son Has Risen
By Anthony James


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The Son Has Risen
By Anthony James

If there ever be a man who claimed to be a God-
Who would not test this man of the diamond's hard-
And test they did, but miracles met them-
Perplexed and confused- these men wept then-

Some said he is Satan-
But Jesus said how can Satan be against himself-
Satan the evil one-
Healing sick men, letting the cripple to run?

What then to do next-
Still perplexed-
Let's kill Him- Or at least try to-
Hang Him on the Cross-
God would surely never die-

Let us see if this God he be-
Will cower down, unbuckle himself free-
With apology-

And so it was, and so they did-
They killed the Lamb of God-
God's only kid...

And so it is, and so it is-
They killed the Lamb-
Oh yes, they did.

And there he came alive again-
The shroud impressioned of His Rays within
For 40 days- the Risen Dead-
The Holy Lamb, Eternal Bled-

And the Bible, to say the least
Was incentive beyond-
any writer's bequeath-

The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords-
Amen, Amen-

Oh Glory, Oh Glory-
Our Savior, Jesus Christ.