Lance LandallThe Thoughtless Handshake
Poetry by Lance Landall
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The Thoughtless Handshake
Poetry by Lance Landall

Please donít shake another person's hand, should it be that you've contracted the flu,
Or if you have come down with a cold, for such wouldn't be a fair thing to do.
Yes, spare some thought for those people that you greet, and refrain from shaking their hands,
For shaking another person's hand when poorly, a cold or the flu simply fans.

Many poorly people will greet another by proceeding to shake their hands,
Which, sad to say, sooner or later, that unfortunate person in bed lands.
If only they had kindly warned those people that they had a cold or the flu,
Then some of those folk that they thoughtlessly shook hands with, may not have suffered too.

Far to often, it seems, someone will greet you, and then extend their hand to you,
Only informing you after having done so, that theyíve a cold or the flu.
And that is when you inwardly groan, for you know that thereís a very good chance
That their cold or their influenza, soon within your own body may advance.

And we've a right to be upset, for so much misery viruses can cause,
When some person, this very thing I've expressed here, very thoughtlessly ignores.
However, many people just arenít thinking, when they have a cold or the flu,
Hence why they will still shake hands with you, when that is the last thing that they should do.

Therefore, the next time someone shakes your hand, and says that theyíve a cold or the flu,
Let them know that you are very unhappy that they've not shown due thought for you.
And should they inform you before hand that they have a nasty cold or the flu,
Thank them for that, and tell them you won't shake their hands, lest their bug inside you brew.

Yes, it's time that we stopped this merry-go-round thatís just compounding misery,
Via those thoughtless and unnecessary handshakes that are seen too frequently.
Therefore, if you are suffering from a cold, or are suffering from the flu,
Remember that shaking another person's hand is not something you should do.

And, let me add, should you shake anotherís hand when you have a cold or the flu,
Not only might that poor person suffer, but whoever that person meets too,
For the next hand that they shake upon greeting, might receive what they have just caught,
Which is why via this poem of mine, (designed to spare), your attention I have sought.

Oh, by the way ó

Before you prepare any food for another person to consume and enjoy,
Or, whenever you have just used the toilet, PLEASE, some soap and water employ.
Otherwise, who knows what you may come down with, or what might be passed on via you
To some unfortunate person, who then, may pass such onto other folk too.

Some people who are very unhygienic, do not appear to suffer ill,
But other folk that theyíve thoughtlessly infected, do not always fare as well.
Thus, it seems most unfair to me, that many suffer via such lack of hygiene,
That within our society, and even homes, far too regularly is seen.

Therefore, if you are a wise and truly thoughtful person, you will always be
Concerned about good hygiene, and others, and will thus act appropriately.
Yes, youíll take any action that's needed in order to stop or minimize
Any nasty bacteria that a thoughtless lack of hygiene thus supplies.

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