The Vision Of A Lion
Poetry By Anthony James


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The Vision Of A Lion
Poetry By Anthony James

A windy afternoon- among long neglected weed-
A very, very tall and large dandelion stood- big as a sunflower
The wind swaying the ripened seeds
changing the face of the flower-

the seed-head the nose-
when the wind blows-
a face appears- it is of a lion-

Look, I said to my brothers-
The dandelion looks like a lion-
The three of us looking out of the window-
and the wind blows- the flower in the field among the tall weed-

the face goes in and out with each breeze-
Look do you see the lion's face?
So clear to see when the wind blows it just right-
and then my brother says-
That is a lion!
Just then the weeds part and the lion's body appears
Indeed it is a Lion, now. Was it all along? It doesn't matter-
What a joyous thing to see!

Now free of the tall weeds- the wind blows upon him
he is steady on his feet and is set on something sternly-
The wind blowing strong and he is steady still
his fur and mane thrown about- still he is steady
three brothers watching him through a window
without a word, we watch him in Awe through the window-
we are as still as the lion
watching- the lion, the wind blow, the sun
so mesmorizing- and such a peaceful feeling
something behind the lion casts a shadow
but he stands in the windy sunlit part of the grass-

and it is all deafened by the thin glass between us-

September 21, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved