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(Norman Kirk: Prime Minister, New Zealand: 1972 - 74)
Every man, to him, had soul and mind and pride,
no matter what his country, colour, creed;
why can't we all look at other folk
in such a light?
It's honest sense; but no - we will not face
a challenge which demands such openness.
We won't forsake our angers, prejudices, fears;
yet still expect to 'win' - deny our part
in bringing-on the 'fight'.
Let's treat each man as 'though he lived next-door!
He'd be our neighbour - could we talk of WAR?
He could be German, Irish, Japanese or Thai,
and, knowing him so well, would make you wonder why
or how, you ever could have thought
that all his countrymen across the sea
were really good for naught
except to kill - so hoping to be FREE!
but . . .
Lay it at the door of all the Leaders?
They're the ones who have the final say;
would that they were 'Men of God',
humbly following Norm Kirk's way!
But let us hope tomorrow
the millions with goodwill
can re-direct this lovely planet's fate;
even yet it's not too late
for commonsense  -
unselfishness - to reign,
and bring this Earth
to Peace and Love again!

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