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This Day
By John Cannon

I used to yearn
for certain times of year,
certain types of weather,

but as I come to know
that each new day
is a precious gift,

 always bringing change ―
the vital pulse of life ―

I find special delights
in every unique day,
every unique moment.

this day autumn leaves

this day autumn leaves

Photos by Sharon Fisher

Today, here in November,
the slanting sun
is more white than yellow,

a more distant illumination
highlighting remnants
of brilliant autumn days.

With the trees mostly bare,
the sun casts a spotlight
on the few remaining leaves
that hold a touch of gold,

and in the woods
we find lovely reminders
of days past
as well as early signs,
like the just-now flowering
witch-hazel trees,

that hold the promise
of new life yet to come.

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