God's Given Thorns
By Unknown

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God's Given Thorns
By Unknown

Strange gift indeed! --a thorn to prick--
To pierce into the very quick,
To cause perpetual sense of pain.
Strange gift! And yet, 'twas given for gain.

Unwelcome, but it came to stay;
Nor could it e'en be prayed away.
It came to fill its God-planned place ---
A life-enriching means of grace

O much-tried saint, with fainting heart,
The thorn with its abiding smart,
With all its wearing, ceaseless pain
Can be thy means of priceless gain.

And so whate'er thy thorn may be,
From God accept it willingly.
But reckon Christ, --His life --His power
To keep, in thy most trying hour.

And sure -- thy life will richer grow;
His grace sufficient will bestow.
And in Heav'n's morn thy joy 'twill be
That by His thorn, He strengthened thee.

~Author Unknown~