Lance LandallThose Youngsters
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Those Youngsters
Poetry by Lance Landall

Mind how you treat your children, lest you simply end up repeating history,
Remembering that they’re on loan, that they're not possessions — for why should they be?
And that as time goes by, they will leave you, and will start a new life of their own,
For you’re simply minding them, as they’ve only been entrusted — yes, they’re on loan.

No, they’re certainly not yours to own, so, don’t go treating them any old way,
Otherwise, sooner or later, those youngsters you have, will no doubt go astray.
For they need lots of tender loving care, as well as firm discipline that's fair,
Alias appropriate direction, and yes, an ever listening ear.

Don't expect those children in your care to think like adults, for adults they aren’t,
No, for they are purely and simply children; and quite honestly, they just can’t.
Yes, surely you know as well as I do, that the older we older folk get,
The more fully we begin to appreciate that we still haven’t got there yet.

Therefore, ponder on those times when you were younger — did you think like an adult?
No, for you had the mind of a child, which the years weren't able to somehow vault.
Children were designed to think like children, as it can’t be any other way,
So, mind all those expectations that you have, and a good example display.

Teach your children right from wrong, and tell them whatever they are needing to hear,
Yes, tell them that there are certain boundaries, and make those limits very clear.
But also expect some disappointments, for children must crawl before they walk,
And in-between they will often tumble, and will need your reassuring talk.

A child's mind is very tender, and thus can be damaged very easily,
Therefore, mind how you speak to them, always loving them unconditionally.
Cutting words and harsh actions can leave deep wounds that do not always heal with time,
And that can leave some children with a large mountain that takes many years to climb.

No, neither their mind nor their body should somehow suffer from any abuse;
Are you listening parents? For you have no right to harm — no, you've no excuse!
For they too, have certain things they have to deal with, which may not seem much to you,
But to them, they mean a great deal — so please don't hinder, but rather, help them through.

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