Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written June 23, 2010

I sat and thought and then I did it some more.
Exactly what I thought isnít known foreshore.
Be it of the wise or be it not.
Still I know of it as a thought.
One never spoken in fine word!
There in my head it was only heard.

There in my head the thought did stay.
Not spoken did it slowly slipping away?
Slipping away to God only knows where.
Did it leave this thought I didnít share.
Can it be if I search again itís there to find?
Indeed it could be hiding within my mind.
Could it be within a smile saying oh do tell?
Tell of me and the others hidden here as well.
Speak of thoughts that have come to mind.
Donít leave us here never for others to find.
Speak let the world around you of us know.
God knows what will happen if you let us go.

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