Andrew PellThe Thunderous Voice of God Within
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Thunderous Voice of God Within
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

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When we meditate and in a quiet state,
Feeling very calm, the outside world is diminishing.
All is transcended light and beauty.
Then the thunderous voice of God comes flooding through.
Overtaking all our senses and mind.
Projecting us into divine action.
Forever guiding us on a spiritual journey
Christ himself is leading the way.
Walking and providing light for all who may come after us,
The Path is well lit.
The journey undertaken by the spiritually fit,
Imagine a pilgrimage each and every day.
Never ending till we reach the final destination.
We are sad when the journey is over but excited about the next adventure.
We become spiritually defined and refined.
Pilgrims will learn the concept of being kind.
Patience and love are the main focus of this Pilgrimage.
Next time you meditate,
Listen to the motivational Word of God.
Let God propel you into spiritual action.
Bringing peace and love is your personal mission.
Bring this pilgrimage to fruition.

Andrew Pell 03/11/2013

Andrew Pell God voice

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