To Be Continued
Poetry By Anthony James


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To Be Continued
Poetry By Anthony James

how can it be?
this "something" in me?
where did it come from?

a mystery.

what is in me?
what am I made of anyway?

what compartments lay dormant
of keys and who has these keys?
and in my sleep-
if they are opened-
does He see a room?
a room that I have let go?
full of messes and dirty from sin?
look at Him
stepping over the ways of me-
standing amidst the pile of all the challenges
I walked away from and they rusted into disappointments

did He cry?
did He sit down among the piles?
or did He put His hand up High-
did He think of Love
and then raise His other hand
did He say my name, did He call me?

and did I elevate up before Him?
and what did He say to me?
about the things He saw
and what did He see?

... to be continued

May 7, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved