To The Lord I Cry Aloud
Poetry By Anthony James


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To The Lord I Cry Aloud
Poetry By Anthony James

Somehow I know we doubt this so-
How can You, Lord, every heart, know?
I too wondered upon this mystery-
Still I prayed, though at times inconsistently-

Soon enough, as faith grows dim-
The thought you could know me grew thin-
I became alone, kept you in my mind-
Repressed Your Throne- and showed you who I am-

I did okay now and when, I'm sure you were proud then-
But Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven-
Your Will to test me- Unknowing to me- tests were delivered!
Alone, I curled my fist- I carried burdens- stretched so thin-
In thoughts I was a free man- free to sin!
Free to put together reasons and justifications for my unrighteousness-
I am alone, I would say- what do you expect, my Lord?

God is not moved easily by my pain-
Not when it comes from the very distance I placed between us-
He waits and debates the next test to place-
What lengths will I go to? How long will I take?
To figure out this simple math problem within our hearts?

God wants us to come Home-
In Heaven we are never alone!
His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven-
And our self we reveal on earth as we'll be in Heaven-

Let us be with our Father everywhere-
In His Presence one day perhaps-
But His Home is Infinite-
Our hearts and Him are always in touch-
Did you know that?
Realize that? I know you've heard so?

Believe it- talk to God- use the heart to do so-
There will never be a dropped call!
His Answer Changes Your Life!

September 22, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved