Andrew PellThe Tranquility of the Beach
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Tranquility of the Beach
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Take a walk down to the beach one day.
Watch the seagulls circle and play.
Take notes of the waves dancing over the rocks and sand.
Each wave brings a visual display that is unique and grand.
Timeless and majestic time has no meaning.
Yet hypnotic and captivating it is worth seeing.
It gives us a sense of awe that is all pervading.
Time has no power here with the waves.
It is like heavenly music dancing on the staves.
Tap into God as the source of wisdom and understanding.
Create within miracles that only the Spirit can bring.
Be creative, be positive.
Discard all negativity.
Do not give it power.
Positive energy can come from a single flower.
Be positive in thought word and deed.
Follow this creed and you will succeed.

Andrew Pell 2017

beach tranquility

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