By Brian Grillo


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By Brian Grillo
Submitted by the author 3 Jan 1999

When trials and tribulations come my way,
There's only one thought that gets me through the day.

I know my Lord will stay by my side,
And with an ever-present hand, He will guide.

No matter the affliction life may bring,
Nothing can stop the praises I sing.

For he loved us enough to give his only son,
And from the grasp of Satan we were won.

Faithful and trusting I'll always be,
For I know my Lord will carry me.

He will be with me wherever I may roam,
Until the day I sing, "Lord I'm coming Home!"

I wrote this poem in my freshman year in college during an extremely trying time. I have never written any poetry before, but one night I grabbed a sheet of paper and the words just flowed out effortlessly. I firmly believe God is the true author of this poem which has brought me comfort in many situations. I hope it can help others as well.
Brian Grillo