Truth and Lies
Poetry By Anthony James


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Truth and Lies
Poetry By Anthony James

Disguised, Deceit
Lies of things inept,
falsities, zero value on naïveté
This is not the way.

Words and Actions, divisive
audible and physical numbers come to life
mathematical conversions
of a Soul's decisions throughout a Life

All amounting,
all counted
all to be graded

each of us can make it

pass or fail
mass or jail

calculated and answered individually by you and me
choices define your answers to situations and problems
your answers define your Truth.

God will not let us see
our Grade until we,
are dead.

Test is over put your pencils down!

God is fair,
Look, your study book is there!
Are you prepared

for this Test.
of Life or Death
Truly complex,
But this is Of God
What did you expect?