Anthony James

Victory & The Capture
Poetry By Anthony James


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Victory & The Capture
Poetry By Anthony James

You said that you would give
Jesus all the Kingdoms
If He would worship you?

So, where are my Kingdoms?
What did you find in the Lamb?
And His own?

I have no kingdoms from you Satan.
Don't you recognize me?

I am one whom you kept all love from.
I am _______

You are under arrest
For the murder of countless Souls

Fire from my finger
Closes off the mouth of the Liar

I let out a Cry!
That chills the very bones of Satan
Fusing his hands
With Fire!

The Army of Christ's Battle Cry,
Echoes From Glory to Glory!

In Hell!
The Thunder of our Horses
Is heard...
And to the Gate we go..
And the bound, devil.
We throw.