Waves of Sin
Poetry By Anthony James

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Waves of Sin
Poetry By Anthony James

take me away,
up towards the light
away, away from this abyss
of dark ways

I See
and now I'm so far down
how do I get to Thee
so weakened by the nothing
I thought was everything
and the devil's sand beneath my feet
I am drowning

drowning in the sea
deep with sin,
the devil on my breath
as I breathe of him

but I ask for You,
what nerve of me
to abandon You
and then ask for your Help

What tears dripped upon Thee's breast
When you saw a Soul in such depth
Did you turn in sorrow at its certain death?

Did you ever believe
a son could swim
so far back atop

and to Land again
and purify my lungs of God's air
can a lost Soul fighting for You
bring Joy again? To You Jesus?

What a Gift then, I have for Thee-
I am Sorry,
Truthful and aware I have Repented
lost and saved through all the waves
I am Walking toward You, My Lord

My arms are open and I am crying.