We killed Him, but He said "I died for them"
Poetry By Anthony James

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We killed Him, but He said "I died for them"
Poetry By Anthony James

Born within me, Lord-
You are pure-
Together, in youth-
Our hearts endured-
Such a love-

Then Lord, my heart did turn-
Then my feet, and distance ensued-
And the world was beginning its mission-

To crucify You from man's heart-
Every lash upon You, my sin.
Not caring about You anymore-
Your Cross-

Each time You called my name-
My eyes were cold as the steel- in the driven nail-
And I nailed You, Jesus- To the cross I bore upon You-

And You asked God to forgive me-
"he knows not what he does"
And you cried of love-
As I strayed upon the evils of this world-
Smiling and laughing- I built a god inside myself-

And when this was done of my heart-
You died-
At this time- God struck me down-
What 'god' am I who has naught but a crown of false pride-
Who turned from the only Love for me, ever reside
That did even, die-
For me?

And in the end- It all became easy to See
The veils, lifted of me-
And again, like a child, our Love is reborn in me-

Jesus, my love for You is eternal, now, of my heart
And in this we are both, Resurrected-

It is done.

December 31, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved