Whale Song
By Kelli O. Kersell

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Whale Song
By Kelli O. Kersell

Listen now, my calf,
To the luring song of the sea,
Of all that has come to pass,
And all that is yet to be.

We've swum among the rising tide
Within our sapphire world,
As generations of waves and foam
Slowly came unfurled.

We've watched the seals and dolphins
Playing against the sun,
And seen the web that connects us all,
That weaves all into one.

Our song sings of our light and future,
Of past times and sorrows,
Of the hopes we hold for each new calf,
And of all our new tomorrows.

Learn our song, my child dear,
And sing to your calf at its birth.
Sing of the beauty of light and life,
Sing of the bounty of the earth.

Our song remembers each spirit true,
Each name of those before,
To swim and teach their calves to sing,
Each watery soul to soar.

Remember our song and pass it on,
As through the waters you fall,
And now your name is added to
Our echoing, ocean call.

copyright 2001 Kelli O. Kersell
Submitted by the poet 8 Sep 2001