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What I Wish I Woke Up To
By Rachel Hamill, age 12
Submitted by the author 31 May 2003

I wake up to the morning birds singing.
I do not hear any passing cars moving. What are cars?
I wake and smell the morning freshness.
I do not smell a polluted earth. What is pollution?
I wake up and see miles of trees and flowers.
I do not see buildings piled upon one another. What are buildings?
I wake and feel the dew on the grass.
I wake up to a peaceful place.
There is not a thing that I will pass.
Everything around me is the most beautiful of all.
From the spring flowers, the lake, the trees so tall.

I wake and there is no fighting.
I wake and there is no worry I should feel.
I do not have to worry about feeding my children a meal.
I do not worry about the problems of the earth.
I am at home in a world of nurture and hearth.

All beings are equals and we respect one another.
Regardless of name, race or color.
We do not claim the earth as our own.
Our sensitivity and heart are shown.

I wake and think, I wish that what I woke to were reality.
I wish there were no hatred, neglect, resent and cruelty.
I wish there were no pollution, fighting, crying, worry.
I wish there was no killing when it wasn't necessary.
I wish….inside every one of us wishes….

We wish, deep inside that we could live in peace.
We wish that we could live in melody.
We wish that we could live in song and harmony.
In a world free of hate, doubt and lies
without cries, where no one dies.

 And we know…
We know that a life is a life regardless of species.
And we know, we are not little puppet pieces.
We know that peace can overcome every problem, question and need.
We take the time to do just the smallest good deed.

We can wonder in the many riches all around us.
And we will never wonder what they are worth.
We may join and celebrate the many wonders of the earth.
We will stop all cruelty and fighting.
We will not use our fist and instead start talking.
We will not be so selfish and revolved around greed.
We will instead start helping those in real need.
We will treat all creatures and life the same.
Each has its own worth, value and name.
We will celebrate the wonderful creations of the earth.
And welcome every new birth.
We will run and dance and play.
We can get to this place some day

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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