Lance LandallWhat On Earth Is Going On?
Poetry by Lance Landall
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What On Earth Is Going On?
Poetry by Lance Landall

What on earth is going on? — for thousands are dying every day,
Yes, thousands that could be saved, if we all just sense and heart display.
It’s such a shocking tragedy that the money that such could aid,
Is so inexcusably, and so cold-heartedly, being waylaid.

Think of all the billions that are spent on those wars that shouldn’t be,
On all those weapons that destroy; produced and sold prolifically.
Think of all the billions that are spent in casinos 'round the world,
On pornography and drugs, and at those amusement parks folk build.

Think of all the billions that are spent on alcohol and cigarettes,
On jewellery and cosmetics, on fireworks and on pampered pets. 
Think of all the billions that are spent building spaceships pointlessly,
When it's down here that we’re meant to be, caring for earth’s family.

Think of all the money spent on things in excess of what folk need,
Or that is spent on selfish pleasures, which, “I’ve a right”, folk will plead.
If people were more contented, and more modest lives chose to live,
There’d be a lot more money that to the suffering they could give.

There are so many folk in this world who have far more than they need,
And who’re simply adding to their treasure, propelled by self and greed.
If they only kept what is needed, gave the rest to those in need,
Literally thousands throughout this earth we would soon save and feed.

Oh yes, in this sad old world today, self indulgence reigns supreme,
And hence why excess after excess most disturbingly is seen.
While thousands die and suffer, many others thoughtlessly parade
Their mansions (that are filled with objects) where self and pride is displayed.

Yes, so much money is wasted daily on unnecessary things,
And is being used in other ways that just ill health and trouble brings.
Thus, with so many folk in need in this world that we’re living in,
Such is a grave misusage of money — cruelty, a crime, a sin.

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