Andrew PellWhen Things go wrong
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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When Things go wrong
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Even when things go wrong and we are feeling down.
Life can still be beautiful,
Even in the darkest night, the stars will shine so bright.
Nothing is unsurmountable.
We can climb the mental mountain.
When we reach the top we are refreshed,
We stand next to a beautiful fountain.
Do not give up there is so much to enjoy.
When things go wrong listen to a beautiful love song.
The divine music and ethereal setting can do no wrong.
Everyday be positive.
It is the only way to live.
Learn to let go and live.
Be at peace for you are not alone.
The heavenly angels are walking with you.
Deep in your heart you know these words are true.
You will feel and visualize a beautiful world.
No longer will you feel tired and t and depressed.
God has sent an angel with heavenly incense.
To uplift you from worldly corruption and nonsense,
Let this microsecond in time set you free,
You now have the energy to climb the tallest tree,
Wave goodbye to fear and anxiety,
Imagine a beautiful garden on a bright Summerís day,
Allow your youthful spirit to come out and play.

(c) Andrew Pell 3/04/2019


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