When I saw I was wrong, I saw You
Poetry By Anthony James

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When I saw I was wrong, I saw You
Poetry By Anthony James

Turn from the lamb, meet with the lion-
When I was darkest- You shone light upon me-
And I fell away to slumber-

Lights move fast through the deep dark Galaxy-
A Miracle has been decided!

The King is coming-
From His Kingdom- The Saints move slightly behind-
The Angels have already arrived-
Purifying the sinful room where the man lies-

Sincerity Shines- Passing through the Barriers of earth, unheard-
He knows precisely the little room you lie.
Suddenly, the home is surrounded by a green illuminated portal-

An Angel whispers-
Arise and breathe-
Stay in your sleep-
Come out from within your sleeves-

Tonight is the night- your Miracle- arrives!
Close your eyes, let your worries rest-
It's almost over-

Let you see this Love- whilst it occurs-
Come out, now-
Notice the small starlight incandescence
Form where your breast is-

Take note the bones are now see-through-
The red blood pumping for you- to live-
Take note- of the Life He Gives!

See light from light- impart-
Circling in hover you feel the Beloved-
Round and round- your soul unbound-
Transgressions of old- are abound-
You are told, shown- who you are in Truth-
And this causes you to die- but you breathe still-

And now smoky streams come up-
Through the circling lights- you see!
Two streams of life coming to-
Above your sternum-

The Spirit and Soul- weep deeply-
And they join, forming a vortex-
Turning, like tiny tornados
The Soul and Spirit mesh -
Above the flesh- above the circling lights-
There comes the Life- of man- Spirit and Soul

Bright Red, like a Crown- ascends of the breast

Slowly turning round and round- My heart-
Very slowly- A chorus is heard- a harmony
And a Light falls upon the room- Bright with Rays that warm the home-

A Golden Crown is seen now above my heart -
Jesus Christ is with me-
I am weeping-

His Golden Crown turns round and round of my heart- and it stops-

I am dead.

His Golden Crown turning into a circle of golden air-
and a cry is heard- I know it is my own voice crying, that I hear-

I am Repenting before my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-
And now He will Heal me- He Knows I Love Him.

slowing now, the circle of Golden Air reverts into A Solid Golden Crown-
Adorned now with the most beautiful gems and stones- God Is Here.
The walls fall and a million Angel's appear-
We are all in a Heavenly place now-

A Golden Crown Adorned In Divinity- slowly descends upon my dead body
The Crown- of my heart, turns to blue-

I am completely diminished when I suddenly see a crown appear on my own head
as I lay dead.
It is so beautiful- gold with gems

Still out of body- I see myself clearly
My own Divinity appears-
And I weep.

I am beloved By The Royal Family Of God and His Son Jesus Christ-
All the Angel's and Saints- I weep again.
I am being saved from myself, tonight, by the Hand of God through a Miracle.
It has been decided by Him, that I am worthy of this help and it is here-

Oh how He Loves Us!
A Miracle
Thank You Father- I did need one. But I was afraid I was not worthy-
I can only Repent, and Thank You forever!

My crown joins His crown-
they become one- both turning round and round-
but my heart turns counter to His-

And the faster His Heart turns the slower mine does-
and soon my heart stops- and slowly begins to turn
in the same direction as His-

My heart is turning around-

Then beautiful Angelic Sounds- are heard-
A Light Flashes and the Miracle is set upon me-
My Soul, Spirit, Heart, and Mind- Renewed-

This is His way to show only He can change us-
even when we can't change ourself!

My flesh is pale white, I am limp- still dead physically-
My own crown upon my head weighs it down, bending my neck, my body rises up as if to stand before Him-

My head is drooped, my arms are outstretched, I am dead on the Cross-
I have died in my own efforts to gain eternal life-

And then there is a man who appears before me- he looks like a man but he is illuminated- he holds up a book and written on the cover I can see words and a verse-

"The Lamb's Book of Life - Rev 21:27"

Suddenly, then, I can see a man appearing, wearing now The Crown-
Ascending up and away- He looks down at me-

I am filled with Love and am weeping -
I am filled with Love and am weeping!

Finally, I am back in my bed, an Angel floats above me-
the walls of my room are still away- and she floats through them
with pure white wings and white dress- She is so peaceful-
and her voice is heard inside my thoughts-

"Your faith has made you well"

...... awake ......